State Parks in the Florida

Panhandle with paddling nearby. I need the name of some, preferably with cabins for rent.

Try St. George Island
One of the best panhandle beaches I’ve been to and lots of bays and open water nearby. A big part of the island is inaccessible by car as well.


Ochlockonee River State Park
has lots of options for coastal river paddling. You can paddle on the Ochlockonee, Sopchoppy, and Dead Rivers. Multiple river channels intersect so you have lots of different routes you can paddle including a paddle down to the Gulf.

Link for the park:

It does not appear to have cabins.

Here is a link to Florida Parks with cabins. Panhandle would be Northwest region.


Cabins seem to
be in short supply.

Now you know why wifey made me buy the big aluminum box.

For great paddling base camps, I’ve used Black Water River State Park, and Florida Caverns SP.

Some great paddling in some quiet areas.

Watch your water levels.

Bring tupperware if you have it. Skinny waters reveal surpisingly sharp limestone.

We hope to be up that way in March, depending on co-ordination with a coastal trip I really want to do.

Let us know when and where you plan to go, we may join you, if you’d like.


St. Joseph Peninsula
It’s got some really nice individual condo’s for rent. On the water, pretty cheap.

Be advised

Some closing for budgetary reasons. Good luck.