State Rivers Maps !

Found looking for Reese River's name.

nice website
with some good online maps

river names in Google Maps or Earth is interesting but after 10 minutes…we await a river/stream continuous hyperlink.

Geo’s map does it.

Are more river locating maps available ? I should look in Images.

Professor Higbee
The maps You links to are OK but lack detail.

I was given one of Professor Higbee’s maps some years back.

Pretty awsome.

Tour de Frogs !

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Dr. Higbee. Super. I'll bet these maps are in many NE libraries surely State College's. Find the LARGE COPIER.

What I needed was a name and location for reference not paddling.

Garmin Topo USA with a GPS does the detail after finding where to look.

I follow seismic data with USGS earthquakes online using the coordinates in Google Maps bringing up a Google Earth image with waypoint for the quake location. Currently locations are often mid well field, often a spectacular view of waaaaay outback with dozens of well pads...or an earthquake type geologic formation.

Last week we found a very large seismic recording for a human sat explosion in a backyard at Bend OR...a 2.2 on the Richter. They do that in OR.

But there are rivers in there. often unknown, difficult finding with Google.

not finding
Stream & Lake Map of New England in online library catalogs or World Catalog

an example
here’s the water

today’s eastern mtn earthquake

and the stream’s name is ?

Harris Fork ? this is on the map !

intergalactic spaceport ?

I use the maps in my
trip reports for the UK website Song of the Paddle. Helps the Brits get oriented as to river locations. Using the maps in jpg form, I can use my photo editing program to add text and symbols. If a stream is too small to be on the map, I can mark it in.

I’m a little partial to maps of my
neck of the river- lots of good detail here

better than Delorme map books for figuring shuttles and such