Static perimeter line & grab handle

I’ve just acquired a used 12" O.T. Dirigo and have been having a blast with it. I’m replacing the deck rigging and am adding a static perimeter line. Right now the grab handles at the bow & stern are tied off to the deck rigging. Any problem with switching this around & tying them off with the static line?



All my carry handles are independent
Not attached to either one.

The rope on the carry handles takes alot of wear and would be a weak point in your perimeter lines. I’ve had a couple carry handles break off, that could be life threatening in certain situations if it’s part of your static lines.

While you are adding static lines, most mfrs make them too tight. The idea is to be able to grab them so they shouldn’t be so tight to the hull to make that difficult. Especially if you could be doing that while wearing gloves or with cold hands.

When I replace my lines I string them through wooden beads from a craft store. One bead between each mounting point.

Looks like…
They don’t have to be tied to anything except the boat. Tied to the bungee deck rigging makes them retractable and helps keep them from clunking on the boat. Tying them to the perimeter lines may stretch the lines out.

carry handles (toggles)
Ya know, after all these years of paddling, I still am not sure whether manufacturers really intend that their kayaks should be carried by the toggles, or if they are really just meant for grabbing hold of in various situations.

I don’t carry any of my boats by the “handles”, because I am just not ready to trust my boats to a little thin piece of line–even though it is doubled. If I’m helping someone else with their boat, I still will not use the toggle. I never allow anyone to help carry any of my boats. If it’s going to get dropped, I will only have myself to blame. That’s the way I am.

That was the way I was taught…
To carry the boat with a hand under the hull or by the cockpit. I just imagine the string breaking and wiping out a toe.

shouldn’t matter
They’re there for a secure grab when in the water. As long as you remember they’re not for carrying the boat it shouldn’t matter. Although I’d rather not have them on a stretchy piece of line.