Stay safe - Spring kayaking - Cold waters still

I did some more cold water test today at Port Jefferson Harbor (NY). Very tempting for water sports for the general public in the next 3 days as we are getting upper 70°F air temperature in April on Long Island! The water temperature is still 45°F. Cold water is very unforgiving and deadly even within the harbor or small rivers. For the northern part of the country, Spring is warming up and folks are excited to get out on the water but it won’t be till mid-June before water temperature goes into the 60°F’s.

Me doing my drysuit testing. Completely dry still! Very refreshing.

Some water safety tips – for more details, visit here:


Great timing for this reminder. With temps in mid 70s in Michigan I saw my first fellow paddlers of 2023. First two women in bathing suits and no PFD’s in rec kayaks on a small river and later I saw a guy wearing just shorts launch his paddleboard onto a beautifully calm Lake Michigan which is 38 degrees in our neighborhood today.