staying organized while fishing

Hi all,

I am about 2 weeks into my life as a kayak fisherman, and I am loving it. I have fished nearly every day since I bought it (small lake, chasing bass in shallow water-- very successfully!). I got a good deal on a Heritage Redfish 14 Angler, so I have a couple of flushmount rod holders, a Scotty rodholder, clam shell style anchor cleat, etc.

I’m seeing the need to keep everything organized as I paddle from spot to spot. One thing in particular that is a pain is my anchor line. I rigged an anchor trolley, but I raise and a lower my anchor a lot asI move around, and my anchor line can really get in the way. How are you folks keeping your anchor line organized?

I’d appreciate any other advice on keeping my gear organized as well. I do have a crate that I can us, but that’s it. I’d love to see photos, too.


pool noodle
I bought one of the large diameter pool noodles with the hole in the center. Then I cut a 10" or 12" section out to shorten it. Take a small section out of it lengthwise and use it to wrap your anchor line. The line won’t come out unless you pull on it.

After a few trips do an inventory of all the things you never used and leave them at home. I carry a Plano 3740 waterproof tackle tray and that’s it. I also use three or four rods that are kept behind me. I don’t mount anything in front of me because I cast very low and flat, I get tangled up in stuff if it’s up there.

I don’t use one

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In three years I have yet to use an anchor. The bulk of the waters I fish are covered in stumps so, I use a plastic spring clamp to grap onto something sticking out of the water or just underneath. I don't fish moving water though just lakes and ponds. If the wind is blowing I position myself so that the wind drifts the boat and I fish with the drift. I do see where an anchor would have its uses. Below are two sites with quite a few rigged boats. I have seen people use different types of wind up reels for anchor line and those dog leashes that will roll up at the push of a button. Good luck!

took a look at your kayak …
… or I believe it’s the one you mentioned .

I’m not a kayaker but rather canoe and other type boats , so it’s a bit difficult for me to grasp the lack of room for things .

But I’ve looked at many kayaks like yours because others like yourself have made post asking what others do about this or that concerning the limited space available .

I would call yours a SOT and in looking at it can see you have about 1-1/2’ x 4-1/2’ to set down into .

I think I see how the anchore “line” routes into the sitting area . Maybe you can just install two or four mushroom type pegs on the sidewall and just wrap the line around them .

leave it home
Ive been kayak fishing lonegr then most people in the US and have learned the best way to keep organized is not bring anything that needs to be organized.