Stealth 14 Rudder Question

Hello Paddlers!!! I just got my hands on a brand new Malibu Stealth 14. Now I know Malibu is no longer selling kayaks or accessories but, I am in need of a rudder system for my kayak. Does anybody know where I can get one that fits or one I can modify to fit? Thank y’all in advance for the help

Hi. You could try here.

Check dealers for new old stock.

Is the kayak already set up for a rudder (fitting on the stern for the rudder pin, rudder cables, foot controls)? Do you just need a replacement rudder?

No it’s never had a rudder on it all it has is the molded in place for the screws. It brand new no mods… Yet.

Tried that haven’t been able to find one… thanks

This is what’s there to connect a rudder system

Well, if you don’t find the exact rudder kit and if you’re handy, you can probably find something at that will work. For example, you could use this rudder gudgeon and drill or modify the holes to fit the kayak. They also have cables, foot controls and lots of complete rudder kits.


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Looks like back of my Ocean Trident Prowler SOT. I’ll look in the morning. Could be same as Hobie also.

Not cheap but nothing is anymore.