STEARNS inflatable 2 person canoe:HELP!

G’day guys. This is my first post and i am from down under.

I am after some feedback/review on the stearns two man inflatable canoe from paddlers out there as i am considering ordering one from the USA.

Any comments on its build quality and of more importance its handling,stability and tracking would be greatly appreciated.Also being a 600 Denier polyester job with an outer tarp cover - how tough is the canoe? Is it an in-between of a soft and hard inflatable?

It will be mainly used for exploring small creeks and dams/lakes (feel free to make recommendations for other 2 man inflatable canoes/kayaks). Being in AUS, we cannot get any stearn products whatsoever hence i am after any feedback. .

Plse help!



I have a Stearns IK116…
It is a one person kayak - so this info isn’t directly applicable to the 2 person model. The IK116 is very well made and durable. The first time I took it out, I paddled 8.3 miles on flatwater in breezy conditions with small chop. I was surprised how well it tracks. In those conditions my average speed was ~2.5 mph. It is extremely comfortable to paddle and is relatively easy to setup inflate/deflate and pack up. You should let it dry out before storing it after use. I usually hose it off when I get home and let it hang to dry for a few hours.

I bought mine from West Marine and it is blue instead of Stearns yellow. The West Marine version also comes with a 4 piece paddle, a foot pump, a folding seat, and it all fits in the sturdy bag it comes with. It can be checked baggage on an airline. The paddle is the better of the two paddles Stearns sells and has a asymetrical blade and oval shaft but it is large ~240cm. Right now West Marine has these on sale for $239, which is an excellent deal.

Here is a link to an interesting story about a guy who competed in the 2003 WaterTribe Michigan Challenge (300 mile race) and came in 2nd place overall in a West Marine IK116:



anyone else ?

We’ve had a Stearns
IK 116 for several years, we beat it up in rocky streams, and it keeps coming back for more. But, I’ve had no exposure to the inflatable canoe. We consider the ik a compromise. It is an extra boat which virtually anyone can manage to get down the river, it is smallish and somewhat packable, and just kind of a fun thing to have around. On flat water it is a tub, at least in our experience. And not much room for hauling anything besides gin bottles oh I meant water bottles.