STEARNS Inflatable 2 person canoe HELP !

G’day guys. This is my first post and i am from down under.

I am after some feedback/review on the stearns two man inflatable canoe from paddlers out there as i am considering ordering one from the USA.

Any comments on its build quality and of more importance its handling,stability and tracking would be greatly appreciated.Also being a 600 Denier polyester job with an outer tarp cover - how tough is the canoe? Is it an in-between of a soft and hard inflatable?

It will be mainly used for exploring small creeks and dams/lakes (feel free to make recommendations for other 2 man inflatable canoes/kayaks). Being in AUS, we cannot get any stearn products whatsoever hence i am after any feedback. .

Plse help!



Do you know Mick Dundee? ;o) Jus kiddin.

I’ve never paddled a stearns product BUT ignorance never stopped me from having an opinion before so here we go… I’ll offer an opinion anyway…

It’s been my experience that Stearns offers good prices on moderate to poor quality products… I don’t think anyone would ever say that a Stearns product is the best they ever had or used. Their most positive aspect seems to be low prices.

That doesn’t mean I’d never own a product from Stearns. I have a few life jackets from them and a LED stern light that I’m pleased with.

Have you checked the review boards?

I’m not sure who makes the best two man inflatable canoe or kayak for $300-$500.

Sterns Kayak
We had one and sold it to an unsuspecting geologist. Great product, but no good for cold water areas, it hard to keep it hard and its even more difficult to get it dry. You don’t want to store a wet boat. We had to repeatedly sponge out the inside, it does not drain no matter how your stand it up, or down. You don’t want to put your horse, or you kayak away wet, if you do, you will have a big mold problem. If you must have a folding kayak look at one of the folboats, more set up time, but definitely more ridgid and twice the boat for about twice the money.

Query 2
Cheers guys for the replies. I have checked the review page and one does not exist hence my query.

Metalhead: just wanted to confirm that it was the B801 Inflatable Canoe that i was talking about not the stearns kayak version. More importantly, apart from the water problem how did the canoe paddle? Does it track well and can it be paddled in relatively flat/calm water over long distances fairly easily? My main concern is that i order a yak/canoe which doesn’t paddle efficiently.

It’s a sad situation we have here in aus. Can you believe a seylor tahiti classic retails here for 300USD!!! canoe only with no pump or oars!Hence my quest for a better product for that sort of money!

Sterns Kayak

It was the kayak, so ignore the part about the mold, but I think you will have problems with keeping the boat ridgid if you paddle in cold water. Have you looked at the Ally canoe, or the innova inflatable, I have seen both the Stearns which is improved as far as tracking and quality, next to an Innova, which I thought was better built and sealed. REI here in Northern Calif sells both. They maybe able to give you a better price comparison.

i know nothing
but here’s another option perhaps.

stearns inflatable
I’ve been considering the same product for a while, based on the facts that it doen’t look like a toy and it gets reasonable reviews. The only other one that seems ok is the Sevylor svx500. The Sevylor doesn’t look as good but seems more capable. Try looking at “get out” they have an excellent catalogue though you wouldn’t want to pay UK prices and ship to Oz.The problem is the price over here-£400 for the Stearns and £550 for the Sevylor. Does anyone know of any U.S. dealers who ship to the UK and can anyone tell me what will happen to the air pressure in a cold Scottish river?