Stearns Pivot IK-Opinions?

Does anyone have any experience with the Stearns Pivot inflatable river kayak?

My friend who introduced us to river kayaking recently has two of the original Stearns inflatable solo kayaks and has been happy with them - they’re what he put us in to introduce us to the sport.

He said they were followed by an improved model - the B507 - which has itself been followed by the current model - the Pivot.

I recently got a decent deal on a once used B507 on eBay. I’m considering a new Pivot for our second kayak - anyone with experience or opinions on them?

Our use would be rivers class 2-3 and light ocean surf by my son and I and, eventually I hope, wife and daughter as well.

Picture of Stearns B-507 on eBay:

Picture of Stearns Pivot on eBay:

It looks like they’ve changed some things: More rocker, enclosed/squared off bow and stern.

Thanks in advance.


Hmm…so new that no one has used one or knows of one…?

Hate my Sterns
I got the B507 self bailing kayak and it was the worst 400 I ever spent. Te zipper broke on the first trip and I contacted sterns and asked them to repair it. They said that since the boat was more than 30 days old I would have to pay to ship it both ways and pay for the repair. Another thing that bothers me is that the boat was about twice as heavy as they mentioned on their website.

Lets see what else don’t I like. It paddles like a pig. This is the slowest boat I’ve ever paddled. I know inflatables are slower than real boats but I’ve paddled 100 sevlors that were faster. I really should have gotten another sevlor, I never had any problems with them.

stearns vs seyvlor
I just looked at the photo on ebay of your boat and it’s identical to mine as shown at

I posted in the reviews that I liked my old seyvlor way better but have to say I’ve only been out 3 times in my stearns and not in class 3 .I spent a lot of time in class 2 and 3 white water in my 2 seater seyvlor but after getting a good dunking and with my boat being pretty worn out I left the river for 10 years .Now I’m almost 60 and got a stearns .I find they handle as good as each other and are much much more durable than sevylor.They are easier to paddle because the sides aren’t as high as sevylors .Since you aren’t getting a sevylor I guess I should say the Spree looks more like what you are looking for It looks more manouverable than the old one you had .BTW it’s self bailing which means your always sitting in water .If I had to choose I think I’d go for the new version.

Oh one question at the website I mentioned, they say my IK 116 comes with a stretch web tight waist .Or something worded like that .I’m hoping it means a skirt as I get way to much water comming in over the front and sides (unlike my seyvlor)do you know anything about this cover ?

Thanks ,Neil