Stearns Spree for Two Persons?

Hi Folks:

I’ve been doing research, but still would like to hear some thoughts from experienced paddlers. We can’t have a hard shell. We live in an apartment, and will do so for the foreseeable future. We don’t have a roof rack and would prefer to carry a Kayak on road trips to the lake, etc. I’ve been considering a Stearns Spree for two people. Ideally it would be for my son (7 year old) and I to paddle in lake, slow rivers, and just have fun enjoying the outdoors. The Stearns two person seems inexpensive enough (Campmor or Walmart sell it for $299). But is it any good? I have read all the caveats about inflatables, but they just seem the best we can do right now. Any detailed advice would be greatly appreciated.



When I was in college
When I was in school I lived in an apartment and had no place to put a canoe. I got a four man Sevlor inflatable raft for about $100. I got some 5 foot mohawk paddles which I cut the t handles off and used them as oars for the raft.

I later cut some nice 3/8 inch plywood into a piece that made enough floor so I could stand up in the center. The raft was 9 feet long and the floor left a gap at each end so maybe it was 4 feet long.

I learned to patch it after a couple years of abuse and I never went to places I felt I couldn’t swim back from.

It was cheaper but it worked better than the $399 Sterns self bailing piece of junk I have now.

Still if it’s the only thing you can afford try to get out there now rather than later. If I was in your situation I’d look for a Sevlor kayak or raft to use.

PS: the raft was an absolute riot in the surf!

Stearns is ok
also check out advanced elements. And sevylor.

Innova Sunny would be the best in that price range: under $1,000.

I would try to get a better boat for the
same money used on eBay. Search for inflatable kayak. Can’t be in a great hurry to buy though.