steel fishing rods

Is anyone manufacturing new steel fishing rods(or titanium}?If so where can I purchase one?

Saw a thread on a funny looking
short steel rod, had a corkscrew tip on it. I’ve used a steel rod back in the dark ages, can’t imagine why one would use one these days, except as some sort of downrigger device.

Swede swede

They are on sale.

steel fishing rods
I want a steel rod for next years canoe trip.Actually I have not broken a rod yet on a trip but a steel rod would illiminate this possibility altogether.

steel fishing rods
Thank you for the link. However I could only find short ice fishing steel rods.I want about 5 ft.

Aside from ice rods and I have not seen a metal rod since the 40’s.

steel fishing rods
Thank you kfsrmn.I have never seen anything like that before.They are cheap so I will order one and try it out!

Has anyone else tried the Emmrod fishing rods? They were reviewed in our local (Fort Worth) paper this weekend by the Outdoor writer, Bob Hood, who is usually pretty reliable on his advice.

Didn’t see where Hood said they were
good rods or bad rods. For that price, you can get a decent pack rod. Not a great one, but one that’ll do in a pinch. Otherwise, I’ll stick to my composite and graphite poles.

I still wonder why
anyone would want a steel rod?

If you are worried about breakage during transport, then get a rod that breaks down for transport, and carry it in a tube. For breakage during use, either bring a spare, or bring an extra tip and a repair kit. I have never had a tip break (broken plenty of eyes, though), so it seems like an unlikely risk, not justifying the added weight, as well as the reduced performance and enjoyment, and the very small selection of steel rods, so difficult to find one the right weight, length and play for your preferences.

a better option
Have you tried a Shakespeare Ugly Stik? Those things are just about unbreakable. I am pretty sure they come in pack rod lengths if you want something packable or to keep on boat as an extra.

They make about a hundred different actions of the standard rod so there should be a length or action that you like.

I use them for catfishing, great rods
for that. Of course, I don’t use the regular ones, but the Big Waters and the Ugly Catfish rods. But, there are plenty of makers of breakdown pack rods.

Fishing rods
Try swede rods in Claremont,OK,PH.918-342-1977. My gang loves the 3’ rods.