Stellar 14 S...String on Lake Harwell

Met up with String and his friend David for a paddle on Lake Hartwell, and thought I would post a few photos.

I think he likes the 14S

The old quarry a popular place to swim and party for locals and Clemson students.


Thanks Doug. I look a bit like an elephant on a bicycle. It is a seriously tight fit.

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Hey, seems like you are “wearing” that boat well. :slight_smile:



PS. I came close to drowning in that quarry in 1968. I was a good swimmer but the water was colder than anticipated.
And I was a 20 yo dufus.


All the above. There is no wiggle room either way. The clamshell seat is very supportive but tight. It’s a good thing I’ve lost 20 lbs.

Well I hope you like your new boat String

Thanks! Probably won’t fit me then. I had deleted my post because I had tagged the wrong person.

Diane, have you tried a WS Tarpon? Definitely roomier and great boats for most conditions. I’ve had most common SOT but if I ever do serious miles again, for me, it will still be the Tarpon. Comfortable, forgiving, relatively fast.
They are heavy.

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Yes. I have a 160i, a 120, and a kind of beat up 140 we bought that I’m trying to work on, it hasn’t been out yet. They are technically my husband’s but he rarely wants to go out. I do love the Tarpons. I was curious about the Stellar due to weight. I have a few kayaks of my own and two solo canoes I bought but they also have not been out. I need to find a buddy or just go.

Weight is exactly why I have the S14S, my second Stellar. My first was an S18S . Both outstanding boats but my wreck of a back really appreciates the comfort of the Tarpon, my 4th and last. I had 2 old style 160 and one 140. Other than I’m nutz, there were reasons the first 3 moved on.

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