Stellar Hatch covers

Has anyone had issues with leaking Stellar hatch covers ?
I m having issues with leakage on a rear oval cover

Not Stellar but… oval hatch covers, being bigger, not infrequently have leak issues. Usually not huge, just enough to encourage the use of dry bags. The KayakSport rear oval on my Vela tends to leak a smidge, always has . The big ovals from Valley are the only ones of that shape on our boats that never leaked. I also could not get them off half the time myself. I have not pushed the Sealect ovals in messy stuff, can’t say whether they are bone dry or not.

Thank you

A Stellar just joined the fleet last week, so we’ll find out soon. We also have Sealects on 2 other boats for a few years now, and no leaks. One thing I have noticed on the Stellar is that 303 on the rims and inside the hatch cover is very helpful, especially in cool weather.