Stellar Kayaks - too good to be true?

I am looking to buy a 15’-17’ kayak for bay paddling. Would like to keep it around $2,000, which I thought meant a plastic boat not fiberglass.

I happened upon a Stellar Kayaks ad, and can’t believe the cost: $1835 for a fiberglass S16 with rudder. It seems to be what I want, but I don’t know anything about Stellar, and the paddlers I know don’t either.

I’d really appreciate any information you have on Stellar, especially the S16. Thanks!

Oh boy
Here is a place to start reading.

stay in america
And get yourself a used qcc.

Ryan L.

Stellar kayaks
Last Summer I was given the opportunity to test paddle both the S14 and S16 kayaks. I found both of them to have tracking issues which I believe is tied to there Surf Ski heritage. So I decided to stay with my QCC 400X.

The Stellar 14 is great.
I recently got a Stellar 14, the 36 lb version, for use on rivers and really like it. It’s maneuverable and putting the skeg down is always an option for maximum effort on the straight stretches.

After another month of use I’ll write a review, which will certainly be very positive.