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Anyone out there who can make comparisons between the Stellar Intrepid LV (SILV) and Stellar’s S16 G2? The Intrepid has more rocker and less beam (20.9" vs. 22.13") and is seven inches longer (16’10" vs. 16’3"). The Intrepid comes with a skeg; the S16 can be ordered with a skeg, I’m told. The shorter and wider S16 likely has a longer water line. Which would have more stability in turbulent waters, the Intrepid with its rocker or the flatter S16 with its wider beam? Thanks.

Two vastly different designs of kayak.

I’ve been using both Intrepid models at The River Vinnection as they fit nicely into the spectrum of Brit style sea kayaks, like the P&H Cetus, that we’re known for.

I just wrote a review yesterday of the SILV but it’s likely not on the review menu yet so the long version is will follow at the end of this note.

The S16 is more rudder, or optional Skeg, dependent with more in common with the Stellar Surfski/K1 design heritage than the SILV. A review is more than my thumbs can handle at this time of the morning on an iPhone.

Ideally you should schedule a test paddle of both to get a real world feel of both models.

BTW, Stellar Specs always err on the high side. The boats are light. I’ve not had an Advantage layup SILV top 40.5lbs.

Here’s the SILV review (pasted not typed {sounds like a Bond line}). :slight_smile:

Stellar Intrepid Low Volume

The Intrepid series is a bit of diversity in the Stellar Kayaks & Surfski lineup with more of a classic British Kayak look and feel.

The Intrepid Low volume maintains it’s Stellar hallmarks of lightweight construction without being lightly built. Available in four constructions starting at @40lbs. Stellar’s literature errs on the side of caution and states 43lbs. but as each is weighed as part of it’s final QC check, I’ve not seen one over 40lbs., in the standard Advantage construction.

From paddlers that have put some miles on the Intrepid Low Volume, at The River Connection, Inc., I’ve observed the best match of weight range seems to be 130lbs-165lbs. of kayaker weight. To this range I will report as an outside observer as I am 6’ and 200lbs., and I fit the kayak, but it doesn’t dance on the water as it does with it’s ideal kayaker


As an all rounder sea kayak for the small-mid framed paddler, the Stellar Intrepid excels! At rest it provides a civil primary stability so as to not requiring the paddler to be engarde. Heeling the kayak over on edge secondary stability is present enough to provide confidence for edge turns or playing in rougher waters. On turning ability, the SILV increased stern rocker allows for the kayak to effortlessly perform skidding turns on flatwater. Presenting a slightly straighter keel line in the bow keeps more waterline engaged for greater speed. This may require some deployment of the skeg in beam winds but not much. The more than generous skeg does an ample job keeping a straight line at just 45 degrees of deployment for most. Full deployment will leecock the kayak which does allow for fine tuning the skeg deployment to lock in on your destination if trying to maintain a ferry angle on a crossing.


Carve away zones in the deck in front of the cockpit are appreciated for high angle paddlers, allowing for a catch of the paddle closer to the kayak.

10.5" height at the thigh braces allows for knees to be in a more vertical or splayed position depending on personal comfort preference.

Heel abrasion pad adds a bit of creature comfort and interior boat protection with SmartTrack toe control foot braces already installed, if you wish to add the modular SmartTrack rudder system. (Multisport construction includes a rudder)

Generous oval hatches make stowing gear a breeze and they are easy to remove/reseal. The small Kajaksport 6” diameter day hatch is easy to remove for quick to grab on the go items

A simple well padded flat seat pan allows for a wide range of kayaker curvatures to fit comfortably in the Intrepid Low Volume. The Adjustable Height Backbrace makes for comprehensive back support but still low enough to allow for proper body movement and doesn’t present an obstacle for entry to the cockpit nor does it pivot under ones rear when sliding into the seat. Oh, it has a bottle holder in front of the seat on the floor of the hull!

For the proper sized paddler who’s drawn to a British Style sea kayak but wants it to be lighter than traditionally found on British built kayaks and that is nimble and fun on flat water as well as swells the Stellar Intrepid Low Volume is definitely worth a test paddle!

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