Stellar S14S gen 2 for sale, $2500

Made 2020. Excellent condition, a few minor scratches. Includes seat and boat cover.
It is too small for me.


Too small, in width, in length, by how much? What size human would fit?

Any normal size human fits just fine. I am 6’5" and the cockpit is too short for me. I violated my own rule by not trying before you buy. I’m about 4" too long for it.

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At 6’2", it sounds like it might be a little tight for me.

Depends on leg length. Mine are 34" inseam with 13 feet.
You are welcome to stop by anytime and give it a try.

I paddled it when he first bought it. I am 5’ 10" with a 32" inseam. I don’t remember where I had the petals set, but I had plenty of room to work the rudder. I liked the boat, but I have 3 kayaks that suit my needs and currently sailing is more of a priority for me.


13 feet no wonder your have a problem with it!:flushed::nauseated_face: Thought feet came in parks not a baker’s dozen.