Stellar S14S vs S16S

I am looking for those with some experience paddling both of these.

I have been looking at a couple Stellar boats and have had the chance to paddle a S14S G2 and ready to (almost) purchase.

If anyone has experience with both I would appreciate feedback. Main question is the speed: How do the 2 compare?

I’ve been paddling a few different plastic boats and use a 14’ Necky right now, which I like. I usually paddle calm lakes and some marshed on the coast. Now I am looking for something I cando more fitness paddling for a couple hours. Not going to overnight or tour much anymore. The Stellar is light at 34 pounds, which is one of the biggest things for me. The SOT I also like for some calm fitness paddling. The finish and look, I admit, are also important.

So I am pretty set on the S14S and at nealy $1000 more the S16S would need to be really better.

A note of interest is the 14 I am looking at, which is a G2, does not have the solid footbrace the newest generation, called the Puffin, does have. I did not find the toe controls hard to use but I have read that some much prefer the newer braces. Worth the extra $500? Maybe.

I have an S14S with the foot pedals, not the plate.I have paddled it a few times but the fact is, I am too big for it at 6’5 " and 220 lbs. I can let it go at a very reasonable price. I’ll message you.

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I have owned both G1 and G2 S14S and presently own a S16S. I thoroughly enjoyed the S14S with the fiber board SurfSki foot brace. I find the S16S to be nearly as stable, but far quicker. I have also owned 18’ and 19’ boats, but have gone to my S16S as a keeper. I have raced it successfully and have fun exploring in it. I don’t overnight, but there is adequate storage roam for that. In my opinion if you plan on spending a lot of time in the sport, the 16’ is the way to go for a do it all boat. The weight is similar to the 14’ and 16’ will fit easily in most garages. Both are great boats. Paddle both. I suggest that if you choose the 14’ get the carbon fiber foot boards. You can’t get a good stable leg drive without them. There are lots of people who own both as their primary boat. It’s all about what suits you the best.

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Thanks for the replies. I have ordered a S16S.

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