Stepping up

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So, getting ready to move on from my beloved 12'CD Kestrel rec boat to a Zegul Nuka Pe, test paddle was great. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this kayak? I'm pretty set on it but still curious as it's been tuff to find any reviews on it, as always thanks for any info or thoughts .

Where are you?
Somehow I get the feeling that you might be located somewhere in Europe. Swedish, or are they Estonian boats are not too common on this side of the planet, but I do like the looks of the Zegul Nuka.

I know

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Believe it or not, Camillus NY, outside of Syracuse in the Finger Lakes. A local shop carries Zegul and Tahe, I like the Tahe Wind too.

Zegul popular with Greenland crowd
Zegal, Tahe and Rebel are very common among the Greenland-style crowd (in the USA/Canada) and elsewhere, as their lowest volume designs are great for advanced rolls. I have the original Tahe Greenland design.

That said, I’m not very familiar with the Zegul Nuka Pe but, just looking at the specs, it looks very good for smaller paddlers. Going from 12’ to 16’7 will be a huge improvement in speed/glide. Stability will come with time, but be sure to work on your bracing and self-rescues as you would require with an sea kayak.

Greg Stamer

Thanks Greg
I had this out on a small man made lake at the local shop’s demo day, calm and flat. It really did move nicely and never felt tippy but the water was cooperating. Most the paddling I do is on fairly calm lakes, a bit of chop here and there. Self rescues and rolling are definitely on the near future skills to learn list. I’m getting pretty excited, I had a leg amputated last fall and wasn’t sure if I would get to paddle again. On a positive note, the keyhole style cockpits are alot easier to enter and exit now a days!