has any one used the steripen ? do you think it really works

it is EPA certified when used as directed, but I plan on letting someone else do the field testing.


better altheratives
It works, But thee are better althernative, like Aqua Mira. Steri pen relies on relatively clear water to work on destroying all the bad things, otherwise they stay there to hurt you.

What you might realize is the Aqua Mira uses Chlorine Dioxide, which is NOT a chlorinator, RATHER it produces O3, ozone, which is one of the MOST POWERFUL methods of treating water. Way more powerful than iodine for example.

It leaves no taste, actually improves taste, is easy to carry and use.


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***Edit - I found the answer - aqua mira IS sold as "pristine" in Canada.

Is aqua mira the same system as a product called pristine (two parts, turns yellow when mixed, then no noticable taste)?

I have had great success with the pristine system. I have not tried the steripen, though.

has anyone actually used one or know someone who has one ?