Sterlings Kayaks Fire

A huge blow, but no one was injured which is really all that matters.


What do you advise?

Good wishes, prayer
and your business when they get up and running again.

Reminds me of when the Moore Canoe
operation burned down in the 70s. All the molds were lost. Pat Moore was able to start again, improving some molds he recreated, and designed some new classics. Making a plug and a mold is not easy…

Fires like this are tough
It seems the company was on the upswing recently with publicity building. I hope they have the energy to come back.

Remember Fire At Barton Paddle Co?

Noah boats
A fire was also the end for Vladimir Vanha’s Noah boatworks.

Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.
I have one of the few surviving composite kayaks from before the fire. If you were ever in Vladimir’s production facility, you would know how easily and quickly it would have gone up in smoke.

Kind of like Tesla. Brilliant designer, great craftsman, but sometimes brought down by his own spooky thinking. There’s a video around, honoring him after he passed. Maybe I can find the link.

g2d, are you seriously suggesting
that a thread about the Sterling boat works fire doesn’t belong on this forum? You’re in danger of crossing the line from board nazi to ass.

It’s great that…
…no one was hurt but what a bummer. Saw a couple of his kayaks earlier this year and wish that I’d given them a test drive. Great looking boats and I’d bet that they handle just as nice as they look.

Hope he’s able to get up and running again.

He’s working on it…

U could comment on his serious accident
…and join him.

Oh, wait. You already did that to me.