Stern forward

What is the danger of loading kayaks stern forward. Seems it would stress the seat less to be pushed down instead of being pulled. Tarpon 120

No danger. Some kayaks travel better with a much more aerodynamic profile if they are loaded stern first.

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Yep, stern forward or rearward, deck up or down, whichever results in secure travel works.

I load my “wood” kayak stern fisrt to provide room for travel trailer. Seat is covered by cockpit cover.

Some believe it is bad karma, your boat wants to see where it is going.


Have hauled canoes for years, just getting into Kayaks. Just seemed everything insisted that they go forward. Thanks for the info. Happy paddling.

Sometimes I haul mine backward so they can feel the wind at their stern…because it sure seems the wind is always head-on when paddling. :slight_smile: