Stern Motor Mount for DE canoe, Project

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More pictures to be added as I progress.

Minnkota Traxxis 45 w/maximizer …

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..... excellent choice !!

You can shorten the shaft if you wish to ... not difficult , just thought I'd give you something to think about there .

Nicely built mount , strong , precise and well deigned ... that's what it takes for a good strong motor like yours , good job , proud of ya !!

I installed a 4" thick solid wood block under the deck plate . A hole was bored right through the deck into the block , into which a tube bushing is seated . Any 3/4" solid shaft can set precisionly into the hole and spin 360 degrees .

This is what I put into the hole , what you can design on top of the plate has endless potential ... a rudder , a motor mount , a seat , a table/platform , etc.


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Shortening is in the plan, but only after I try it for depth of motor. Too shallow and it will cavitate. I also plan to turn the tiller slightly to port side to make it more like a gas outboard when I put the control head back on.

Clever idea with the seat base.

What would be neat, would be …

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...mounting the motor in perpendicular fashion instead of on an angle, but bending the shaft at two locations to accomplish the same sort of centering of the propeller under the boat. That way, the motor's thrust wouldn't be angled upward when turned in one direction and downward when turned the other. Of course, it wouldn't stay exactly centered during turns either, and would also move slightly forward or backward. I guess there's no way to make it perfect. My thought is that a little off-centeredness in thrust isn't a huge issue, as canoes are paddled with off-center thrust and it can be made to work well, but your approach is pretty interesting and it will surely be nice to get the weight more centered.

Oh wait! Cancel the idea of putting bends in the shaft. The motor shaft would have all sorts of torque on it when under power, and you'd be fighting that with the tiller. Stick with the idea you have. I'd still suggest that off-center thrust isn't a huge problem, and you could compromise with a little more off-centered-ness to reduce the upward-downward direction of thrust during turns.

Angled thrust.
The shaft is angled ~10 deg. from vertical so turning the motor/tiller 45 deg. will tilt the motor (up or down) ~5 deg. Although I haven’t had it in the water yet, with the motor, I can’t see the little up/down angle being a problem. I’m thinking, as you suggest, it will work just fine.

Mount completed
All that is left is to get battery and wire it, then license/hull numbers. Then I’ll be ready for shakedown cruise.