stern sliding back when loading

changing from loading my kayak from a sedan to an suv. I put the bow up on the back of the suv but then the stern starts sliding back & I wind up pushing it in the vehicle from the side. Not easy. I’m sure some one out there has found a way to prevent the stern from sliding back. Have heard some one say put your pfd under the stern, but do not want to use something my life may depend on some day.

rubbery welcome mat
or put some sort of grippy tape onto that part of the hull so you can load without having to put a mat or such down first.

stern sliding
I used a cheap shower mat in the past

Car floor mat
I found a discarded rubber car floor mat at a put in once. I have been using it ever since. It has the deep grooves so it helps to hold the kayak in place. You can pick up a cheap set and put them in your car or truck to be used as needed. Mine serves as a cargo tray for dirty items as well. Yours could keep the back seat passangers dirty feet off the carpeting.