Stern tie down points on 2010 Subaru

Does anyone have suggestions on where to attach the stern (rear) tie downs to a 2010 Subaru Forester?

Just replaced my 1999 Subaru Forester with a new 2010 Forester. On the '99 I was able to tie down the stern to the tow rings under the rear bumper. On the 2010 Forester (and maybe 2009 when the Forester was last redesigned) they moved the rear tow rings to just forward of the rear wheels near the rear jack points.

I am not interested in a debate on whether or not bow and stern tie downs are necessary. I have read all the threads on this issue over the last 10 years. I have always tied down the bow and stern and will continue to do so.

Just wondering if anyone experienced with 2009 or 2010 Foresters has a solution.

PS: My car doesn’t have a trailer hitch but if no other alternatives exist that may be the way I have to go.

Can you rout the rear tie downs down
the sides of the car to reach the tow rings?

Just make sure that if one comes loose, it does not wrap around a half shaft.

Otherwise, can you mount tie straps to available screws in between the rear gate and the body?

QuickLoops at

Simply open your hood or trunk or hatch or door,

position the loop where you want it

(so the web loop end emerges through the gaps)

and close.

The Quick Loop locks in place with the pressure,

providing a quick, easy loop to lash your straps to.

fixes any subaru

Loop of rope
I tied a small loop of nylon rope around the hatch hinge. I fish it out and thread the stern line through it, then simply push it back after use. Keeps the tie down out of the way of opening the rear hatch and doesn’t rub paint anywhere. Cheap too!


maybe take it to small-time shop and

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have a couple good sized eyelets bolted/welded somehow to whatever looks good. Also, with really solid ties to things(saddles/bars) BOTH front and rear...from a solid tie(or two!) on some part of the kayak/canoe/boat..and solid side ties or gunwale-stops, the end tie isn't a necessity.

I had the same problem on my Jeep, so I found two bolts holding the plastic bumper on and put a chain between them. Just found some nuts that would fit the exposed bolts and used them to hold it on. Works pretty good.