so true…
rolling these three boat, and comparing them for that matter, is like comparing 3/4 ton 4X4 pickups from Dodge, Chevy and Ford. They all have similar characteristics with certain things that each may do a bit better than the other but… like Salty says the best boats are the ones with the best paddlers in 'em. rolling is rolling. I can easily roll a Pamlico 120 w/o a skirt. c/c, sweep, fwd deck, it don’t really matter.


With the Avocet or Explorer…I’d have much more faith in the outfitting of the kayaks…the hatches, bulkheads, overall quality etc.

As for rolling…some roll better than others, yeah but…these ones are all good rolling kayaks. None of these kayaks will hold you back on your roll.

Did you guys go paddling or something?
Everybody getting along so well, and in the middle of winter, no less. :wink: Nice to see.

Yo Flatpick, kudos to you for all the
gutsy ( being there/here to answer) yet humble replys to this.

P R O F E S S I O N A L …

what exactly do you mean???double amputee???

i might be considered top heavy…i was just described as being a block…i take XL paddling jackets…but i have a 28" inseam on my pants with a 37" waist…and i fit the tempest 170 perfectly…i liked the tempest a bit more than an avocet i tried…i have not been in an explorer though…


just trying to add a personal touch to a HUGE corperate monster. =:-0)

I have been trying to get ‘them’ to understand the value of and this community!


once a week! :slight_smile:

yep, and someday, hopefully we’ll get to paddle together. on glassy 5’ swell.



movers and mergers

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I worked at a small electronics business that was bought up and moved then turned belly up. The "community" is irrelevant to the bottom line.
Sorry, that sounds harsh,,WS is lucky to have you.

they are…
now. the merger brought together Watermark (Perception, Dagger, Mainstream, A/T, Harmony) and Confluence Watersports (W/S, Wave Sport, Voyageur, Mad River)

I don’t have access to mags right now. what’s up?


“Have fun, listen to your gut”

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As a less skilled paddler, I apreciate the opinions of other paddlers -- especially those with more skill, time, and experience.

Once you've ascertained that the boats you are considering are capable of supporting what you wish to do, it then comes down to which puts the greatest smile on your face.

Agree wilso
Reviews and advice can get us in the zip code so to speak. At that point it’s as you say. So much is subjective, yet valid. No perfect boats, lots of good ones!

Showing a Perception boat and …
a WS pfd on the paddler…and I thought maybe some ignorant marketing genius screwed up… should’ve known, I’m the ignorant one again…

I dunno, that Tempest 165 Pro looks hard
…to roll. SeaKayaker says the waterline beam is 29.4"… :slight_smile:

I rolled a Pamlico 120 and I think the beam is at least…well…maybe NOT 29" but…

that might be the only typo on that review. oilwell.

sure is a stable ol’ mare tho. =:-0)


Hey Flatpick
are you coming out to the paddle show in NH again this year?? Would be good to see you maybe even get to paddle some>


another heavy scheduled spring doing the dog and pony show. trying to get some paddlin’ in too. I’ll let ya know if we can squeeze in a paddle in NH!


If not it will be good to see you.

Good Journey’s