Stholquist B- Pod

I finally ordered and received my B-Pod suit. I like it, but the neck seems to be very tight. Does anyone have any recommedation on how to stretch it or does one just paddle half-strangled? I purchased the medium and I’m a smaller guy…5’6" 145lbs. I don’t think my neck is big by any means, but I just don’t think I could handle wearing it for more that a very short while…Thanks for any input in advance…

It seems like I’ve heard
of people contacting stohlquist and having them replace the neck gasket with a different size. Give them a call.

If you otherwise like the suit, Stolquist will replace the gasket for a larger size, and will do it for free

Stohlquist Will Help
My wife’s B-Pod, which she purchased last year, had the same problem. We called Stohlquist, and they immediately asked that we send it back for a free replacement with a larger neck seal. “We want her to be happy with the suit”, is the way the Stohlquist representative put it…

Good gear, great company, excellent customer service…

Neck Gasket too tight
Use a football or something similar to pre stretch out the latex. never cut a neck gasket.

Thanks for the info and…
For the last poster, it’s neoprene and not latex… the wrists are latex and neo…

Contact Stohlquist
Like the others above, I called Stohlquist and they didn’t hesitate to replace the neck seal; no arguments, quick turnaround, and no charge. Good company.

Stretching latex is a waste of time…
…plus latex neck seals are MEANT to be trimmed. That’s why they have trim rings molded into them.

OTOH, you should not trim or stretch a neoprene neck seal.

Stohlquist neck gaskets are thick and
yield very slowly to stretching. VERY slowly. Getting Stohlquist to replace the gasket was smart (note below), and otherwise trimming is the most practical for most people. I have succeeded in stretching a Stohlquist neck gasket, without trimming, but it took a long time.

My Stohlquist wrist gaskets had no cut rings. They stretched successfully.

Thanks for the replys…
I have wanted to step up to a one piece suit with booties for a while(especially with a relief zipper) now and was quite bummed about the neck tightness.

neck seal
If you’re not used to wearing dry clothing, the neck seals take quite a while to get used to. If they aren’t pretty tight they leak. If they leak there’s not alot of point in wearing them in the first place.

Bill H.

Try stretching first!
griffen800 is right! Don’t send it back until you’ve tried stretching it out over a ball or device of some kind. A loose seal renders the drysuit somewhat useless. Sadly, I know this from experience as I insisted on having a larger opening installed and wished I hadn’t since after that-I was comfy but it leaked at the neo gasket and my chest area was soaking wet everytime I immersed.

Latex seal do not need to be tight…
…in order to seal. They should be comfortable when you’re wearing them. When trimmed to fit properly, you should be able to pinch the seal between your thumb and forefinger and lift it off your skin easily. I was shown this by a friend who was a dry suit scuba diver and he was right. Fit like this, the worst you should experience is a few drops of leakage while rolling or wet exiting (probably down your back.

That said, some people have very pronounced tendons in their necks and/or wrists that make sealing difficult. If you fall into that category, you’re going to have a tough time achieving comfort and good sealing, and there’s no magic solution.

The OP was referring to a suit with neoprene seals, which are a different animal, since you can’t trim them to fit. OTOH, once they fit properly, they will maintain that fit longer than latex seals will, as latex will loosen when it starts to break down after 2-3 years of use.

I’ve got a lumpy, cordy neck, but
fortunately in my case, a fairly loose gasket still seals well. Might be the broad contact area, 'cause I never trim them.

So before I call the company…
How does one stretch this neoprene neck? More importantly, If I try stretching it and I’m still VERY uncomfortable, is it going to void the warranty and then the company won’t do anything for me? Has anyone tried stretching and then sent it back to the company? I’m starting to think I should just send it back and go back to my 2 piece( top and bottom) I really wanted to get away from the waist bands…and into booties…

An alternative
Hey Rick. If you are looking for an alternative to your dry suit, how about Palm Bibs partnered with a jacket. I sold a pair to Clarion a year ago. Maybe he will chime in. The bibs are built for white water so I would think they would keep you reasonably dry.

I just purchased and received a Palm semi-dry suit from They are are on clearance for $299; a terrific deal I think. I really haven’t had a chance to try them on but I will tonight and I’ll let you know how they fit. I think they will work great for me. I’m anxious to try them out this early spring.

As far r as your BPod predicament, I’d just call the company and ask for a recommendation that would not void the warranty.

I might just have to return the B-pod as the Palm is $200 less…Thanks Jim…I did go to Toledo and get that Dagger…

I would agree with that
On my last drysuit the latex neck gasket was borderline floppy (for a latex neck gasket). And on my stohlquist the gasket isn’t rubber band-tight and contrary to some reviews, it keeps me dry in an extended swim.

Used My B-POD Yesterday
for the first time. I have been stretching it with a football for a few days. I do think the football helped a little. On the river, the fit was tight but not unbearable. If it loosens just a smidge…it will be perfect. I did send an email to Stohlquist as a result of this stream…thanks. Have not heard back yet, but expect to today as I sent the email Sat. As previously posted, I think it will need to be nice and snug or it won’t work properly. Good luck.


I don’t have the paperwork anymore,
but I think Stohlquist instructions told me to stretch the neck gasket on my drytop. That doesn’t mean their advice is the best solution for an individual purchaser. Trimming will bring relief quickly and very seldom causes long term problems.