Stickers for kayak

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy stickers for my kayak. I’d like to have stickers made for every water way I’ve been on. I’ve seen a person do it and thought it looked pretty cool. Thanks for help

Don’t rule out …
…your local T-shirt/bumper sticker/graphic design business to make what you want. Just a thought

ask coupled with……

vinyl stickers
I have heard that vinyl stickers are the ones that stick best.
Lots of different fonts and graphics. I’ve used them for all my boats and they wear well.

I’ve bought custom lettering vinyl stickers for my vehicles and boats from RapidVinyl, who sells on Ebay… The have something like 150 different fonts you can get in any type size. They ship fast and the stickers are really durable.

I have my pet names for my kayaks in fancy script on all of them with RapidVinyl lettering. And a quote from R. Crumb’s Mr. Natural on the front of my vintage motorhome.

Mr Natural!
If I were to ever get a tattoo it would be of Mr Natural! Maybe on my calf.

Is the text “QUEST into the UNKNOWN!”?

try this

they very good quality.

I had stickers made for my car.

they are holding up well.

there on my back window;

so far they last thru car washes, lots of sun on my back window and winter.

Yes, indeedy

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Kudzu, I like the idea of a Mr. Natch tattoo! If I didn't have such sensitive skin I'd get one myself. The Natch has been my personal guru since my college hippie days. I still treasure my collection of first run R. Crumb "Mr. Natural" comix.

Here's an album of the Hippie Camper renovation -- the last few pics show the Natch decal and the exact slogan that you deduced. I have a matching kayak trailer for the rig now, but have to get a wonky fuel pump replaced at the moment, so it's under its fancy cover for the winter now.

non-lettering stickers
Hippy Motors USA has been my source for colorful weatherproof vinyl decorative stickers for vehicles and boats, too. They have a bunch of new ones including a hippie in a canoe – fun designs! I have their “Om” and “Peace Dove” on one of my kayaks and lots of their flowers on my camper. The stickers are produced to order as a home business by a couple in Tennessee:

I have used a black and white version of that Mr Natural graphic as a screen saver for years and years.