Stickers on canoe

Stickers on canoes
I dislike the look of stickers on my canoes, so I remove all manufacturer stickers and model stickers from my canoes. It may be a hang up from my decades restoring and paddling wood canvas canoes, or it may be just after paying $ for a canoe I don’t see why I should also provide free advertising on the sides. The Rapidfire I will soon own will be free of stickers.

It’s not a crusade- I really enjoyed reading the many stickers on some canoes at Raystown- just not stickers on my canoes.


I would put stickers on my boats but
I sell them so quick it’s not a good idea for me. Wbo knows if the next person wants them and they are hard to get off.

Paddle Faster…
We have the “Paddle Faster, I hear banjo music” on ours. We bought it (and a tee shirt) when canoeing in June while in the Blue Ridge Mountains…

Couldn’t resist it!


You gotta start somewhere
My canoe acquired its first sticker this weekend in the form of a Pennsylvania temporary boat permit. It was small and yellow. The 4" letters and numbers some states require for registration are pretty hideous…we don’t have such a requirement in RI…phew! I did pick up another sticker…“Canoe Poling…if it was easy they’d call it kayaking”. Tongue in cheek. Saw a couple canoes at Raystown this weekend with multitudes of stickers…sort of like the station wagon with all the national park stickers, you know the canoe has been places.

That being said, I think I prefer a clean looking canoe. -Chuck