Stickers on canoe

Just a stupid thought. Am I the only one that puts stickers on their canoe? I have had several comments about it and never really paid it no attention, but it finally struck me that I didn’t see any on other canoes.

I have several ie… Paddling Net : Paddle Faster! ; Got Canoeing?

Some are inside some outside. I like em even if others don’t, my canoe wil probably be shredded by rocks before I ever consider selling it, though I’m careful as I hope to give it to my kids later on.



You Gotta Paddle…
…your own canoe.

Even if it looks like hell with those damn stickers all over it!

No stickers for me. I’ll stick to wearing a funny hat.

Sure why not!
I think it adds some character to a canoe or boat. Otherwise, it’s just a canoe like all the others! :slight_smile: I just have two so far but I’m sure there will be more.

Plan to put a couple upside down for the fun of it. Make for interesting read for people driving beside me.

If your in Ohio - - -
Your gonna put at least on on the side regardless of what you want to do.

different strokes
my kayak has a bunch of stickers on it. it has bumper stickers, registration stickers, Chrome Girl shiloette stickers, and a few others. My canoe has a minimalist aproach. The outside is all factory. I paid extra when I registered (Ohio laws) to have a single sticker that goes inside the boat.

If I had the Grumman I want then I would have more stickers on the canoe. Your boat is your personal expression. I want my expensive ultra light canoe to look clean and professional, sleek and smooth. My kayak is a fun silly play hull.

I say GO FOR IT!! Canoes don’t have enough stick on personality. too often we leave it all up to outfitting. Stick it to 'em.


yes to stickers
I have em on my vehicle and my boat. KRVS (local public radio), God Bless Johny Cash and Save our Wetlands on the truck, and a GD steal your face and a small sticker depicting the western hemishere of the earth (in case I get lost) on the Wenonah.

I do on my kayaks…
They all have stickers, then I try to use the “RV” mentaltiy, when you go somewhere, put their sticker on it. And then add a few for personal expression. My favorite is my Stormtrooper helmet sticker.

no stickers
but I do have “left” and “right” magic markered on the thwart and the insides of my “big water” boat. Long story, let’s just say my son prefers to solo now.

don’t really like em
I have removed all the retailer stickers from my boats. On my Sojourn I removed the big ‘dagger’ stickers on each side and the ‘sojourn’ from the stern. Now it only has the dagger logo on the bow and stern and ‘sojourn’ on the bow. I could never figure why the factory wanted to put 6 stickers on a canoe

Lots of logos are cool, some aren’t. Some of the '90’s Mad River logos have some…dated color choices (pink stickers on a teal boat). I really like the Blackhawk “chicken.”

The wife and I have talked about getting a custom made sticker for all of our boats to make them “ours” probably some sort of animal.

Kind of a sticker nut…
My favorites on my boats include:

“Don’t let your kid be the one that got away!” from Zebco.


“C S Scuba & Paddlesports really makes me wet!!!”

On my bus, my favorite is “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

And one from my truck, “I’m not f@#%ing stupid but I used to.” That’s for the ex wife and requires a bit of thought before most people get it.

Yea, I must confess
I put a Jolly Roger sticker on my MR Guide a few years ago. Then, this past summer while scoping out some tourist trap shop in Rockport MA I found, and purchased another Jolly Roger sticker. This one proclaims “surrender the booty” . Yea it’s stupid, childish and probably sexist. Thats why I bought it! arghhh, tie the scurrvy dog to the yardarm…

Only on one boat…
I only have stickers on one boat.

On my purple Mohawk Probe 12II I put a name on both sides of the bow…Purple Haze. On the stern of the same boat I have a skull & crossbones with the quote Paddle or Die.

I too like Blackhawk’s logo.

On the other hand, I have removed some stickers put on by the boat’s manufacturer.


No stickers on my boats
except the mandatory Illinois registration and those put on by the manufacturer. However, the back window of my truck cap sports many paddling related stickers from paddling shops,, canoe manufacturers, environmental groups, etc. Not to mention a couple of magnetic fish on the tail gate!

Made me a new one
It says “PADDLE FASTER! I hear BANJO music”

It’s yellow background with black letters 3"x10".

Really stands out on my red Penobscot

I’m thinking of making a few with river names.

Like Etowah, Chestatee, and Withlacoochee maybe just 1"x4"

Nice having access to a graphics machine.

Oh I may put the Etowah upside down since I fliped in it a few times. Ha ha

Just one
aside from the canoe registration sticker the only one on my canoe is our Boys of Fall Canoe Trip sticker

We added boat names to each side
of the bow on our solos. The hubby’s company has a graphics machine, so they look nice. We get a few laughs when people see our matching green solos named “Sweet Pickle” and “Dill Pickle”.

One of our club members has a sticker upside down on his kayak that says “Roll me over and do it again”. Another has “This side up” with an arrow on his WW canoe. Another guy has shark teeth on the bow of his WW canoe.

Minimalist Approach

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I know a woman who has a Mad River Guide. She decided that having "Mad River Canoe" on the side of the boat was too commercial, so she scraped the lettering off. When she did the opposite side, she decided to leave one word. On that side, her boat now says "Canoe" in very official-looking letters. I bet she wishes she'd thought of that before completely stripping the other side. PJC borrowed this boat for last year's Spring Ozark Rendezvous, and I noticed that a number of locals on the river banks got a kick out of seeing that the brand name of the boat was "Canoe".

“my other canoe…
is right side up”

Hey jerryohare…
Will you put one of my stickers on your truck?

It’s the “really makes me wet” one.

Have a few
I added a pair of US flag stickers when I purchased my canoe. I also have a permit sticker that allows me to paddle on a local, private lake.

I also have one for a regional hiking organization and one for a UT ski area. Yeah they have nothing to do with paddling but I had the stickers and the sides of my canoe were just screaming to have some stickers.