Sticking Decals on an Inflatable Kayak


I live in Minnesota and recently purchased an Airhead 2 person inflatable kayak. I registered the Kayak with the local DMV and they gave me some stickers which I need to stick to the front and back of the kayak. The problem is that the Kayak’s exterior is made out of a Nylon fabric hence the sticker didn’t stick on. I tried using super glue but that didn’t help either. What other glues/methods can I try?

Contact cement might work
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I have two folding kayaks -- same issue, they are made of coated nylpn fabric. I live in PA where we have to buy peel and stick "Launch permits" annually. I discussed this with one of the park rangers last time I renewed at a state park office, and he agreed that the option I came up with was acceptable. I slip the permits into the clear vinyl plastic ID badge holders that you can buy at office supply stores with the alligator clip on them and attach them to the perimeter lines.

Be sure and get the good badge holders, that are made of the heavy flexible plastic and are sealed on all sides with the sturdy clip or a grommet to hold a loop of bungie or braided cord.

How about
Using a laminator and tying the whole thing to the perimeter lines?

carried my invasive species permit
and access pass in a baggy stuffed in my lifejacket pocket when using the ducky.

Fishing/hunting license holder works
Dear dreamyguy,

Get a license holder that people pin to the their hunting coat and put the sticker in there. I am sure you can find a “D” ring somewhere on the kayak to attach the license holder. They have a sturdy pin which would be hard to dislodge so it will stay where you put it. I’d suggest buying one in hunter orange so you will always be able to see that it is attached to the kayak.

If you need to put numbers on the kayak you can always either stencil them on with spray paint or hand paint the numbers.


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