Sticking rudder foot controls

The foot controls for my rudder have gotten really hard to operate, kind of stiff and sticking. I expect it must be from sand some place in the mechanism. Any hints on how to clean/fix this.

I don’t use a rudder, but it’ll be helpful to know what boat and who’s rudder/pedals you’re using.

Bill H.

Spray WD-40 on all the moving parts
and then work them until everything is freed up and working good.

Once they are working good, try to clean all the WD-40 off with plain old fresh water.

Once that is all off spray them with a coat of silicon lubricant, (the type that dries).

Do it once a season or more as required.



I try and stay away from WD-40
It will cause metal to corrode if you don’t get it all off, and sometimes even then. A better penetrating lubricant is called Fluid Film, just spray it on, wipe off any grime/dirt and then spray some more on and leave it, or use your silicon spray.

Huh ???
Holy crap, my table saw top, my drill press, my tools, and all the good stuff that I have lubed with since probably before you were born might start corroding one of these days.



You tell him Jack
Next they will tell me not to use anymore duct tape

Graphite Rulz
I use a graphite spray used for lubricating locks…the fluid evaporates and leaves behing a graphite dust as a lubricant…

whatever you use, stand the boat on end and spray down the cables until you see the lubricant of choice come out the end…then use a quality silicone on the footpeg slides to ensure their freedom of movement…

and I agree with Jack…heck if WD40 caused corrosion, my Granny’s knees would be rusted out by now…she swears that rubbing the oil on her knees makes the aches and pains go away…

Wash out your cockpit once in a while…
…like every time you use your boat. Use a high-pressure nozzle on the end of a hose. If you’re not near a hose use a pump-type garden sprayer. 8 bucks at WallyWorld. Spray the rudder tracks while the boat is rightside up, and then upside down, make sure you wash or sponge all the emergent sand out of the cockpit.

Get under the seat too. i’ve seen kayaks with holes worn thru the hull by the seat rubbing on sand trapped underneath.