Sticky gaskets out of the box on a Level Six dry top- normal?

I just ordered a Level Six Nebula Dry top from, along with a few other dry and semi-dry top options. When I took the Level Six out of the box to get ready to try it on, the first task was removing the tissue paper they have carefully placed around and inside of the latex gaskets. But when I got to the paper inside of the wrist gaskets, it would not come out-- when I examined, I could see it was because the paper was adhered to the gasket. I had done a bit of looking at my local paddling shop (Rutabaga for anyone familiar), and I noticed similar tissue paper adhesion in a different Level Six piece of gear. I would assume that means the seal is already starting to degrade, right? Is this a common issue with Level Six gear (that the gaskets go bad faster)? Or is the sticky tissue paper thing something to just ignore/rinse off? I just feel like for $350+ I should be getting something in pristine condition, and I’ve now seen two different Level Six dry items with the same issue. Just wondering what people’s experience with this brand is.

Call outdoor play. There have been so my e counterfeit ones around but I doubt outdoor play sells them. No clue what kokatat one cost but I’d have one vs. levelsix.

A good reason to patronize your local “bricks and mortar” paddle shop. Rutabaga would make it right because they depend on repeat customers, while online sellers may or may not be so inclined.


I am definitely planning to return it- from what I can see on OutdoorPlay’s website, that should not be an issue. I actually think I’m going to go with one of the different options I ordered for overall fit anyway, but I was just curious if this was common with that brand since I had seen it twice.

Also one more thing, in defense of online shops: believe me, I would love to purchase things in person, but as a female paddler the sizing and stock available in any given store is extremely limited, and at this point in the season I’ve been told it’s iffy whether stores will be able to order in various sizes. I really wish there was a brick and mortar store near me that was more fully stocked with different brands and sizes. A paddle top is not something I wanted to buy blindly online.

Understood! I also buy online when necessary. However, I always try to buy from a local paddle shop first - - I’m fortunate to have two within 30 miles. What really salts my pie is when buyers go to the bricks and mortar store to see and touch, then buy the same thing from an online discounter to save a couple of dollars. It costs our Main Street stores real money to carry inventory and hire and train knowledgeable employees, and I think it’s OK to pay a bit for that service. Our choices will be fewer and our sport will be poorer should these shops disappear.
OK, I’ll step down from my soapbox now. Thanks for your indulgence.

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