Sticky rudder

I bought a Looksha sport and I am having trouble with the rudder. I can not pull it down when I’m sitting in the yak. We have taken it apart but can see any thing wrong with it. If someone can help I can send pictures. I am wondering if it was put together wrong.

You need to include a picture of the rudder in the stowed position, from aft of the boat, showing the line that comes underneath and around the cam on the rudder to the top of rudder blade. If it doesn’t do that it is rigged wrong.

Please tell me the boat is in the water when you’re trying it. :neutral:

Presumably the rudder deploy line is not in its cleat when you try to move it down? If the line is not in cleat, can you manually (while not in boat, bur standing next to it) flip it down and then up? If not, when you try, does the binding feel like the deploy line or the pivot point?

I’ve had a Looksha sport, and remove the rudder. Found I didn’t really need it. Had the longer Looksha 4, and that more needed it.