Sticky Thule Outrigger

Hi all! I just purchased a set of Thule Outriggers for loading my boat on my SUV. This is really difficult to slide in and out of the bar. I’m sure someone here has experienced this as well and can offer some advice. I live in FL, so salt air is a given. I looked inside the bar and see some discoloration, but no noticible corrosion though I have had the bars for a while. I was thinking of shooting some WD40 in there but wasn’t sure if that would be somewhat not so good. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

whatever you do
do not use WD40 as a lubricant.

how long did you own it
before it became difficult to slide in and out? Mine was sticky from the get go, and a new bar was in order. I can’t remember what I sprayed that with. Something silicone based, and just a dash.

I had to clean corrosion out of my load
bar before I could install mine.

How did you clean the corrosion?
How did you clean the corrosion from the bar? I was trying to think of some type of brush on a rod to slide in. Mine was really sticky from the get go as well. I did find something at the store called Dry Lube, but I am puzzled as it is in a can like WD40. I wonder how that is dry. I bought a can, but haven’t tried it.

maybe have a plumber look at it?

Sticky Thule Outrigger
I had the same problem and solved it by using Finish Line KryTech chain wax lubricant (from a spray can). You can get it or any other brand like it any good bike shop. Works wonders on your bike chain, as well. It’s not petroleum based like WD-Dummy so won’t attract dirt. It repels water and Republicans like you wouldn’t believe.

I tried some of the Dry Lube from a can and it worked well, at least for a couple of days. I went to use it less than a week later and it was frozen again, so back to the drawing board. I wound up buying a small wire brush, tied some rope to it and after squirting some corosion killer down the tube, I pulled the brush through the bar several times. After I was satisfied with the outcome, I then lubed it with graphite. I found some in a can that dries quickly and leaves plenty of the graphite after the spray dries. It has been several days and it slides as well today as it did when I first put it back in. I have kept the bar off my vehicle and will do so until this weekend when I get a chance to use it again. This way, I can continue to test it easily and have it handy in case I need to do more work. Thanks for the tips.