Sting Ray vs. Camano fiberglass

I’m starting to get back into flatwater paddling.Is the Werner worth 100.00 more than the AB? I see the blade dimensions are the same and the AB weighs 3 more ounces. I love my W. Player and Sherpa, traded up from an AB Shred, and found a world of diff.,and it was 100.00 more. I am now paddling with an older Carlise tech series 2000/160, which also has the same blade dimm.,but probably 6 oz. heavier. Thanks.

I would have to say that the Werner is definitly worth the extra $100. Stiffer lighter more durable and repairable. It also has much less flutter during the power phase of the stroke as long as you have the blade fully imersed (which goes for all paddles)

one note
Both design - Sting Ray and Camano - are “low angle” designs, while your WW paddles are more “high angle”

I sometimes use Sidekick to paddle the long boat, might be worth giving your WW blade a spin.

Werner Camano…
I’ve beat mine pretty hard for five years now, and I still love it. FWIW.


Boy that is a tough one.
I own both and have used both for many years and have to say i really like the Werner but I am always impressed by what a good paddle the Aqua Bounds are for the money. I say buy what you can afford.

Second that …
I also have both … and except for this year use them pretty regularly. I like them both, and I wouldn’t feel bad at all about the AB to save a few $$ if money is a concern.

Used to have both
But don’t own the Sting Ray anymore. I’m glad.


Tough Choice - Both Good Paddles!
The Aqua-Bound Carbon Sting Ray and Werner Camano is a tough head to head comparison.

The Camano is a compression molded blade and the Sting Ray Carbon is a nylon reinforced with carbon fibers injection molded blade. Both blade shapes target low angle/mid-sized blade paddlers. Aqua Bound’s nylon reinforced with carbon blades make them very durable for expected and unexpected wear and tear but a compression molded blade is going to be stiffer. The Sting Ray Carbon uses a 100% carbon shaft which helps the paddle weigh in at 28.75 oz.

You will need to find the value that fits your needs.

Just my thoughts. I have been a lifelong fan of Aqua-Bound but I know Werner is good too.

Are you high or low angle?
suiram brings up a good point. My own experience is that, having been taught a fairly high angle stroke, I can barely paddle with a low angle paddle. Especially if it is a fairly good paddle, the paddle and I get into a fight and it ends up badly for me. I tire out a lot faster.

Aquabounds can be found on sale at
Campmor, usually.

it’s worth it, if you like it
I’d rather paddle an Aquabound or an Epic Mid-tour than a Camano. While the Werner is “better” I’m not a fan of it’s blade shape. You’re into personal preference territory. It matters more where you put the blade and how you line your body up behind it.