stingray 12 or pungo 12..??

I am looking to get myself mabe one more kayak…mabe.

anyone try the heritage stingray 12…and the pungo 12…?the 2 off them.

would love some comment on the stingray s ride.(they do look great)

man//240pound now.

thanks to all …


I have the SR 14.
The version from before Heritage took over the name from Liquid Logic.

It’s stable as could be, fairly easy to paddle, but doesn’t track as well as one would think a 14 footer would. Somehow I don’t think the 12’ is going to be better at that.

Heritage also left out the nice storage area behind the seat that people really seemed to like on the LL version. Have no idea why, because mine has it, and it’s great to have.

No experience in the pungo. Have heard a lot of good things about it though.