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i’ve heard for years that stingray is sometimes substituted for scallops at seafood restaurants. anybody here eat stingray? how do you prepare it? they are plentiful here in coastal sc

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BBQ stingray is a delicacy in souteast Asia. They trim the backbone off and BBQ the fins (sides) with very hot sauce. Very good eating. But you have to pick the meat off the fins either by hand and by a fork.

stingray scallops
Get a piece of 1.5 inch steel pipe about 8 inches long. File away the OUTSIDE edge on one end until its uniformly sharp. Use as a punch to punch circles out of the wings. Trim off skin. Broil with a dollop of butter on top and about 1/4 inch of 50/50 lemon juice/water in the bottom of the pan. Eat.

Sting Ray
Have you actually done that? I’ve heard that that’s an urban legend.

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I have fried stingray and have broiled it with butter and garlic salt. It is very good, just be careful when catching it.