stinky dry bag; how to clean?

I have a number of Outdoor Research compression dry bags which work very well. They have a rubberized interior. One of them picked up a mildew smell a year ago and it comes back from time to time. How can I wash it to best get rid of the smell?

I was thinking just hot soap and water with some lemon juice mixed in for acidity. Let soak a while, rinse clean and dry in the sun. Any other ideas?


Try Wetsuit Cleaners
Maybe try something like MiraZyme.

Add Baking Soda to the soap/water
if you want to try low tech and functional.

Baking soda mixed with straight Listerine mouthwash is my go- to “kills most bathroom mold” cleaner.

Could also try an enzyme spray, but read the labels to make sure that it is compatible with your dry bag material. Rinse well, as if you get some of that stuff in your mouth it’s an odd sensation.

Search for this solution
Combines a multi-step wash. First, you soak with very hot water, lemon juice, and table salt. Then rinse and dry it IN DIRECT SUN, followed by a wash of soapy water or, maybe, detergent, plus final rinse.

I do not remember the proportions of the first fluid, so look it up using words such as “stinky tent”.

The process got rid of most of the nasty smell when I unknowingly let a stored tent get wet inside a truck bed and topper. It sat for months before I discovered what had happened, Explained why the handles of the tools inside a steel toolbox also got that pukey stink. Those still have a little of the stink, unfortunately. But it worked pretty well on the tent.

After cleaning
It’s a good idea to check the waterproofness. It is the urethane coating that mildews.

orange outside
grey inside ?

baking sode

available at most Scuba Dive Shops. Mix as directed, soak and let air dry. Use remaining solution by soaking sandals, PFDs, wiping down inside of hatches, soaking very stinky running shoes, car floor mats and most anything that has a funky smell that you cannot seem to get rid of. Has nice smell and a little goes a long way.


Skip baking soda…
…and get a charcoal odor absorber instead. They make ones that go in refrigerators that work great.

Having read the MSDS that datakoll posted for our/my benefit was interesting. Have been using the product for years as needed, without having any issues. However, I think that after my swim shirt and pants have dried upon using the product, I’ll wash them with soap and water. I haven’t gotten any in my eyes, but will be even more careful not to. I do get boo-boos on my hands and will wash them even better after using the product. The stuff does work very well. The MSDS posting was beneficial. Thanks

Turn It Inside Out
Then scrub it and dry in the sun. Use some diluted bleach to clean it outside.

Haven’t tried this but
I was recently told to take the foul smelling items and put them in a trash and place them in the freezer. The idea is that the odor comes from bacteria and freezing it will kill the bacteria and eliminate the odor.

I tried this simple solution

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....from hiker/kayaker49 and it worked on a stinky dry bag that had--yuk--cat pee in it. Bleach is cheap and it worked.