Stinky NEOS

This is either a plea for advice or a warning to others.

I wore NEOS overshoes with an old paid of running shoes while launching and landing my kayak in a pretty mucky slimy lake edge. Got a little water in them but didn’t think much of it. Then I left them in the back of my SUV for … oh … a week, until it was the weekend and time to paddle again. It was still “moist” inside the boot. The shoes absolutely REEKED! I took them out and left them in front of my car to air out and wore sandals inside the NEOS. I kinda hoped someone would steal the shoes but no one was that desperate. They had been destined for the scrap heap anyway, so I tossed them. It took two tries. The first time, I missed – or maybe the they were so bad that even the trash can didn’t want them. Meanwhile, the NEOS are still kinda yucky. Any advice on how to help them recover before Homeland Security accuses me of bioterrorism?

Soak 'em in a bucket
of water with a little bleach in it?

works well for stinky stuff. You can find it at Campmor, REI, etc.


Vinegarfollowed by isopropyl alcohol
Napalm is good too.