Stinky sandals

I had a cure for this and I posted it over a year ago and now I can’t remember what the cure was.

Anybody remeber?



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Among all of the home brew concoctions and treatments there is also a commercial product called Paxton's Sandal Saver Haven't tried it yet but it looks interesting.

Here are some user reviews from

low cost solution
You can either pay $$ for ‘special’ cleaning solutions or just go down to your local grocery store and pick up some Cascade Complete dishwasher detergent (not the standard Cascade, but the "Complete’ variety). This stuff has enzymes that break down and disolve all the stuff (read dead skin cells and toe cheese) that the bacteria are feeding on (& making the stink in the process). Just fill a bucket, squeeze in an ounce or so, drop in the stinky sandles, booties, whatever, wait a few hours, rinse and dry. Stink is gone.

Use a (clean) trash pail for big items like a wet suit.

New sandals.
I put baking soda in my wet-shoes and let air circulate by way of plastic water bottles with both ends cut off and stuffed in the ankles.

I’ve had them almost two years and they don’t attract too many vultures and stray dogs.

A washing machine!

Baking Soda! That’s it!
Thanks! It’s all come back to me now. I dip the sandals in clean water, sprinkle baking soda all over them, let them sit and then rinse in clear water. Works like a charm!


Oh yeah, I remember this topic.
At this point on the old thread I suggested “why not add a little baking soda and bleach for the ultimate solution”, and some chemist out there said that if I like my face, hair and home, I should not do that because of some kaboom factor. Not worth it for freshly scented sandals.

Another option
all these suggestions are good. I’ve used them all. I also use BIZ. It’s laundry powder. Soak your smelly stuff in a bucket of solution. It also worked great at cleaning the stain on the carpet my daughters Puggle (puppy) made.Enzymes are effective on organic odors and discolorations.


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is a good way to kill the sandal cooties.

1. Choose a suitable board, kiln-dried 1x12 or 2x12 a couple of feet long.

2. Using VERY thin brads or long finishing nails, attach the sandals to the board.

3. Choose a sunny spot, roof of car or house and orient the board so that it receives at least 12 hours of direct sunlight.

4. In the evening, start a campfire.

5. Burn the plank with sandals, make plans to buy a new pair the next day.


Materials list: two bricks


a kayak

  1. Tie a brick to each of your favorite sandals.

  2. Paddle out to the grodiest paddling spot near your home–you know, the one with the putrid sewage water and rebar and old beer cans.

  3. Toss the bricks with attached sandals into the slop at–and this is the key–the very deepest part of the gooey lake. (may need lake depth map for accuracy of placement).

  4. Go to the mall for new pair of sandals.

Substitute those sandals with…
…a carp or witch, Jim, and ya’ve got yerself the most popular way for cookin’ up all that’s fishy and superstishy in a backwater town.

That is unless, lacking for some time in proper application of baking soda, Andy’s sandals have registered an unholy raunch that renders redundancy to my substitutive suggestions, thus rendering said sandals worthy substitution for two carp heads double-bubblin-airs-a-troublin’ before MacBeth’s triumverate of bearded hags.

In which case Andy just might have, should he care to unlimber those ripe floppin’ flippers from beneath his yaks cowl onto foredeck for fusilade of atmospheric disturbance in their display, the proper incitements to attract extreme closeups from those photogenic bald eagles flapping their fishkill searches above his paddled path.

Better get a lot of that bicarbonate before beaks begin bustin’ in on the bilges, Andy.


Best. Idea. Ever.

Hey Tom…
I think I won’t clean them, wear them all summer and bring them to Raystown in the fall. When you’re not looking, I’ll stick em in your tent.


Or Plinking . . .
I couldn’t resist!

  1. Take said pair of sandals

  2. Nail to another board

  3. Prop up at the local gravel pit

  4. Use them for target practice for your favorite firearm

  5. Buy new ones tomorrow

Very funny … but do please notice…
…that Plunking has one fewer steps than your methods. (stands from computer keyboard and takes a silent but proud bow)

Put the soap on them then wear them work

Mixing bleach with some other chemicals can produce chlorine gas…read potential death if indoors.

I kill two birds with one stone…
Buy a pair of water booties, wear them till they get nice and smelly, then use them for cover scent when I go hunting…No animal can possibly detect human scent through that odor !!!

Ammonia, I think…NH3