Stitch and glue canoe questions...

I am thinking of building an Osprey II s&g canoe sometime. This would be my first such project and was wondering about the amount of special tools, power or otherwise, the amount of time invlolved(roughly) and especially how much money is wrapped up in the construction supplies. I can’t think of another winter project that would be more satisfying.
you will find all the answers you need there.

S & G process

Builder site with great step-by-step photos of the Pygmy canoe.

Osprey S&G
My S&G building has been restricted to kayaks, but I’ve taken a look at the Osprey II several times and can give you some estimates. Building time will probably be 80-100 hours. Materials cost, including all of your supplies (sandpaper, paint brushes, gloves, etc.), should be no more than $1000, and will probably be less than that.

As far as tools are concerned, the main tools you will need will be a random orbit sander, a block plane, and a jig saw. If you want specifics, post something on the CCR forums and you will probably get the attention of the guy who asked John Winters to design a S&G Osprey. He has a website, but I don’t remember what it is.

The CCR forums are at

The equipment forum will probably be as good a place to post the question as any.

Osprey s&g

brief tutorial

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A brief tutorial to guide you through the process.

Not everyone does it the same way but the differences are minor.

That should give you a feel for the tools you need....which aren't many.

Building one of the detailed scale canoe or kayak models at will get you familiar with any of the construction techniques, whether wood strip, stitch and glue, or skin kayaks and also small epoxy kits that allows the builder to get first hand practice with epoxy and cloth for very little money. They sell 10 different canoe and kayak model kits, ranging from 24" long up to 72". Wood strip, stitch and glue and skin kayak. Very realistic made with quality wood. Choices of Mahogany , Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar parts. Easy to build using basic woodworking hand tools. Learn any of the construction techniques from building the kits. Just like the real thing. Step by step videos, galleries of customers completed models, great service, economical and fast shipping and support. Been around a long time. .