stock C1 vs. cruiser

i want to race canoes. i’ve raced oc1 but i want to do either stock c1 or cruiser, like a 203. i have a very seaworthy solo in my bell rob roy, which has a kevlar wenonah sliding pedistal. i’d buy a recent 18.5 design, but it doesn’t seem very popular in florida.

i’m also considering a work-out canoe. i race offshore sailboats and train to race canoes as a way to stay in shape. thanks for any input

Check out “Florida competition…
Paddlers Association”.

they are down in your neck of the woods and have some great fast paddlers who are very frindly and help full.

I believe John Edwards is the president, and I’ll bet he can connect you with some people who can advise you and help you out.

They have a series of races and give points at each one.