Stock c1

Looking to borrow a stock c1 for the usca nationals c1 race. Also, Is savage river the only one that makes them?

I think that the Wenonah J boats may fit the specs.

The Wenonah J boats do not fit Stock Boat specs. Grasse River Classic and Classic XL are another choice. Older Wenonah’s such as Advantage and older Sawyers like Shockwave and DY Special also meet the specs.

Would the Wenonah Enounter fit the racing specs for the nationals canoe race?

The Encounter is listed as meeting the Stock C1 class by the New York Canoe Racing Association. I can’t say for sure about USCA as I have been removed from racing for years but the New York Canoe Racing Association was real big in promoting the stock class years ago so I am guessing it would meet the USCA also.