Stockholm Sweden?

Any recommendations for kayaking around Stockholm? I’ll be in Uppsala in Sept. 2010. I see Pt 65 N, and NDK have centers there for rentals…

Check the links with Stockholm in text
There are several shops listed here…

Anyone with real-life experience
I’m pretty facile with Google/ Babelfish for electronic references…

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There are two folks I know who post from time to time who have paddled near Stokholm, one guy (Propel) is Danish and has not posted here for about two years. I'll see if I can find an email address. Your best bet is to look for local kayak clubs near Stockholm and send them an email. I've paddled in Scandinavia but not near Stockholm. I've paddled with folks from Denmark and Norway who have contacted the San Diego Kayak club on this end or found me on boatertalk Surfzone.

Not an expert but…
I have done a few trips in the archipelago outside Stockholm. As rule of thumb the further from Stockholm you go, the less noise, motor boats and summer cottages you’ll experience. Hence, I prefer the outer archipelago for the nature and silence, although the inner archipelago with all its beautiful cottages is very nice as well. September is probably a good time of the year as the vacation has ended and water is not yet cold.

There are lots of rental centers and so far I haven’t heard of anyone that you should stay clear of.

Horisont Kajak ( is probably the best renowned rental center if you are interested in quality kayaks. They are also very helpful people. They are situated at a nice starting point as well, but this will be harder to reach with public transportation.

The point65 center is situated in the center of Stockholm and could be an option for a day trip if you want a sightseeing of central Stockholm or if you haven’t got a lot of time.

Another option would be “Stavsudda kajakdepå” They offer a good starting point and are easily reached with a beautiful ferry ride from central Stockholm. Their kayaks are not very classy though, more of the average rental type of kayaks.

Other useful links:

Right of public access:

Addresses and online maps:

The best outdoor forum in Sweden in Swedish, (but if you ask a question in English you will receive an answer in English) (starting place) (forum) (free registration)

Ferries in the archipelago around Stockholm:

Stockholm Public Transport in Stockholm (trains and busses):

Buying maps and charts online (you can buy electronic maps as well as paper maps):

The real life store is situated opposite the central station in Stockholm.

The largest outdoor store chain with several stores in Stockholm:

Best of luck!


That’s very helpful