Stohlquist b-Pod -- Dry or Semi Dry?

Just noticed that Outdoorplay describes the Stohlquist b-Pod as being “Semi dry”:

Other vendor websites include the b-Pod as being a “dry” suit. I think Stohlquist describes their new neoprene neck gasket as being almost as dry as latex gaskets. Does this throw them into the “semi” category?

I have emailed Outdoorplay with this question. This seems to be an important distinction.

Any opinions?

Best shot will be to get feedback here, or better yet from someone local and even see if you can borrow one to try on. The neck is thick neoprene instead of latex, which removes the latex issue (some people really hate it) but leaves you with a neck gasket that may not be as dry for some as is latex. Many have found the BodyPod neck to be totally dry, some have not - Stohlquist is being conservative in their description.


agree with corgimas review
extremely comfortable. (Much more so than my dry top) equally effective in keeping me dry. No issues other than I just sent it in to get a relief zip put in. If the suit fits perfectly, which in my case it does with no extra annoying lengths, I think it is a real stretch (pardon the pun)and not to mention uncomfortable to try and use the main zipper as a relief zipper.


(right about now you should expect the do you want to die crowd to chime in because after rolling in 27 degree water 247 times you may get some wetness and is it worth your life yada yada because of course everyone knows tht only latex will save your sorry butt)

(emphasis on the word may)