Stohlquist Body Pod for women??

Do any women have experience with the stohlquist body pod drysuit? The company claims it has a special entry zipper that makes a separate relief zipper unnecessary, but I’m not convinced it also works for women.

And how about that neck gasket? Is it as dry yet comfortable as they claim?


write Marshall. I got a very unbiased write up from him.


The zipper
The zipper works well for a man, but I don’t see how it could work for a woman. I think you’d need to relief zipper. As for comfort, it is very comfortable. I forget I have it on after a few minutes. However, I had to order 2 before getting the right fit.

I would imagine
that if you get a woman’s model that the zipper may be added for that purpose?

Only writing and asking will tell. I could find nothing on the site that indicated anything.


Use with a FUD?
You don’t really want a waterproof zipper running that way - these things are big.

One thing that is done at times with the Kokatat suits is for women to order it with the man’s relief zipper dropped an inch or so lower then use a FUD (female urinary device) with it. But the Stohlquist zipper is off center by the time it hits the bottom, so I don’t know if a FUD works with it or not.

It is odd that on the Stohlquist website, the company states that this funny zipper works for women too, since logistically it seems impossible. George from suggested adding a drop seat. Another paddler emailed that her friends do use a FUD, and it works fine even with the off-centered zipper.

If it works for him, it will for her
If the website says it works without a relief zipper then it will also work for her.

Just look into the whole freshette type of products.

Paddling in the PNW, all drysuits (men and women) have the same relief zipper. It’s a much better option than having the large horseshoe shapped rear zipper.

Good luck


honestly i did nto think it would
work well for me…so i had a relief zip added to mine…now no problems…125$ extra for the zip…

love the suit thoguh…