stohlquist bpod vs kokatat tropos

Looking for feedback on these two “semi dry” suits. Are either of these really for cold water use (other than extended solo expeditions)? I read kokatat’s disclaimer in their ad copy, but didn’t see any such copy in stohlquist’s ad. Are they similar or are there significant differences?

I have the body pod
I roll constantly and I do get a bit of water sometimes (depending on the roll…back deck reverse sweep in particular causes me to get some water) I have submerged myself with the body pod and stayed dry with the neck neo gasket holding well but having said that, if you really want to ensure that not a drop gets in, go for latex.

If I do any serious open water in any kind of waves or weather, I wear a Reed tuiliq over everything anyway. I have the bodypod on as extra insurance then.

The neo gasket makes it easy to tuck in a mystery hood or even a Henderson 3 mm hood and it grips them well also.


For what it is…
… the Kokatat Super Nova works well. I have used it now for 2 years and it has held up fine. If I do a lot of rolling or swimming where my head is under water, then there is water that comes through the neck. Not much though. As for how it does in cold water, it all depends on what you’re wearing under it. The water around here (Puget Sound) is about 53 degrees year-round, more or less. So that’s not warm.

The thing I really like about Kokatat is that they stand behind what they sell. I don’t have as much experience with Stolquist, but there are other paddling clothing manufacturers that just plain suck at it. I have never been dissatisfied with Kokatat.

(And I do not work for them!)

My b-pod
I brought my b-pod into work with me so that right after work I can head out onto the Schuylkill River. The boat’s on the car racks in the parking lot.

This is my second year of using my b-pod and I love it. Very comfortable, durable and well-made. It has a 3-layer construction versus the 2 layer construction used in Kokatats. I got mine with the tunnel to mate up with the skirt. The neck is very comfortable and keeps me dry. I have an 18 inch neck and that probably helps maintain the seal. To be fair, I have not used the Kokatat but in reading up on the two suits, I felt I was getting more bang for my buck and the neck seal seemed better designed.

You can also check the archives for other prior discussions comparing the two garments. Good luck with your purchase decision.


body pod neck gasket
I’m pretty sure that the body pod is intended & marketed as a dry suit, not a semi-dry. I have a Syohlquist drytop with the same neck gasket, and have found the neck gasket to be as dry as my Kokatat drysuit. I believe that the body pod neck gasket is not as elastic as the latex gaskets and can not be trimmed or adjusted for size , so it either fits you or it doesn’t . If it fits, it works as well or better than the latex gaskets.

i love my bPod-t…
you can find my review on it here on

never had a problem with it leaking etc…

to use it in the cold-just add more insulation…

Kokatat Super Nova:

  1. Tropos material - liquid permeable coated nylon membrane
  2. Neoprene Neck gasket - good splash prevention, not a dry neck seal
  3. Tailoring - kinda baggy
  4. Zippers - Metal toothed, long proven zipper seal

    Stohlquist B-Pod:
  5. Eclipse material - vapor & liquid permeable. 3 layer material.
  6. Neck gasket - waterproof, mock turtleneck sort of folded over smooth skin very stretch neoprene that allows for about 1.5" of contact area to seal. Doesn’t have the same trimability as latex but it is way comfy.
  7. Zipper - T-Zip (various opinions) nylon toothed and abutted seal. Same as on the old Bomber Gear Radiator. Have had excellent performance with them currently and in the past.
  8. Tailoring - nicely fitted. Actually looks like clothing as compared to space suit.

    There’s some Body Pods out on eBay! at some attractive prices.

    Hope this helps.

    See you on the water,


    Hyde Park, NY