Stohlquist Brik

sorry, for some reason the subject line got wrong on a previous post. I’m kinda interested in a PFD from Stohlquist known as “Brik”. Anybody have experience with it, especially is the side zipper hard to use? Thanks


Low profile…
of the Brik is what I like most about mine. Very comfortable with lots of freedom. Many might not like the lack of pockets or coverage. I like my Lotus P-vest for bigger water and rescue.

Thanks dccjon. Any problems with that side zipper?

I have a Lotus (Rio Grande) and like it, but seek a lower profile PFD.


I like it

The side zipper doesn’t seem to be a problem even over a drysuit.

Love mine
I love mine. Can’t say that I’ve worn a more comfortable vest. The SO has the women’s version with the cut-outs and she loves hers.