Stohlquist cruiser sizing

I’m shopping for a pfd, but locally there’s an extremely limited collection of things to try on. The stohlquist cruiser catches my eye as a good all arounder with pockets a possibly a good fit for a shorter torso woman.

I am 40 inches in the chest (36 bra strap) and that’s the dividing line between the ML and the plus. I’m concerned that if I size up, the fit might be too loose.

Are there any ladies out there who have stohlquist and can comment on the fit?


Yes, that is my PFD. I really like it. My chest measurement is 36” which put me in a M/L, but my back is narrow (30” bra band.) I sized down because of this and I’m glad I did. The small fits me well. There are 3 points where you can adjust the fit: two in the torso on either side and one at the shoulders.

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