Stohlquist drysuit issue- need ideas

My Stohlquist Whitewater drysuit has an abrasion through the inside silver layer about the size of a quarter. It is revealing a white underlayer that looks like tyvec which I assume is the waterproof material used in the suit. The silver colored inner fabric is so slippery that a temporary duct tape fix was out of the question. Is there a temporary fix I can use to get through to summer, or do I have to send it in for repair? Or is there a permanent fix I can do myself? I have been thinking about seam seal or a similar product I use to repair my waders. Bill

I think Aquaseal or SeamGrip will work.
Have you tried contacting Stohlquist on the issue?

call them…simple…

You can probably patch it
I have a Stohlquist Gore-tex drysuit with a silvery lining laminated to the Gore-tex membrane. When I found an abraded spot in it (probably from one unintentional contact with that damned Velcro overflap…), I placed a small patch of tent-repair fabric with built-in adhesive and carefully ironed it on with very low heat. The patch is still holding well, no curled edges. Very cheap, easy repair to do.

There are Gore-tex “field repair” patch kits made, but for a small tear or abrasion the breathability doesn’t matter.

Is it Gore Tex?
Bill I don’t remember, is that suit Gore Tex? If so so I have heard that Gore Tex sometimes will pay for a replacement suit. You would have to go with Kokatat in this case as I believe Stolquist no longer has any Gore Tex items.


cal them
Call them, you don’t want to do a repair that might void your warranty.

I spoke with Karen at Stohlquist repair
in Colorado. She said to try seamseal on it and if that does not work I will have to send it in. She said they will apply the tape they use on the inner seams to cover the abrasion. I asked if a botched seam seal job would inhibit their ability to repair it and she said no. Now off to find seam seal. Thanks for the ideas. Bill

Put some fabric over the Seam Seal
The wear spot is evidently a high-friction area and Seam Seal is pretty grippy stuff. Putting a layer of Nylon or something similar over the Seam Seal will reduce friction and prevent the Seam Seal from wearing off.

Good idea Brian, Thank you. Bill